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The large crack

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Glass on trial.

In law, a trial is a coming together of parties to a dispute to present information in a tribunal. How do we present information in this time of human history? What is valuable evidence?

In human conversations our “tongues”, our languages can break our friendships, our human connections, our futures. There can be many little acts of violence in a conversation. People can damage each other in a conversation. Misunderstanding, not listening, judging, Talking past each other.

Therefore, I wove a fabric by hand.

I blew glass objects.

I dropped them above the fabric.

How to continue when things are broken?

The glass shards exploded in all directions.

A play of gravity.

Like a crime scene.

The evidence pieces were embroidered on the place they fell down.

They are embroidered from two sides,

by hands from two different persons.

A dialogue of glass.

New shapes started to exist.

A tricky gesture, embroidering glass shards by hand on fabric.

The film of the embroidering is projected onto the fabric.

This work is about how material cycles show also our communication cycles.

Sand becoming hot melted glass, being blown and becoming a shape,

Broken again in shards spread all over.

Instead of being thrown away, or melted again.

The glass shards stayed in a place. On a soft fabric.

Broken shards need a soft bed to continue.

How to continue when things are broken?

Continue to connect

Continue to connect

Continue to continue.

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