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presents a virtual exhibition of the new media art works by the students and alumni of the leading art institutions of Russia and the Netherlands. The project reflects on the notions of digital space as potentially a safe and comfortable space despite its “necessity” status merged the during covid-19 extreme isolation and immersion into online terrain. It seems important to look at the digital space through the eyes of the youngest generation of artists who are engaged with the various kinds of cutting-edge media and for whom the digital has become an essential tool for self-reflection and artistic expression and a regular part of their education curriculum.

The project is located in the virtual gallery built by our Technical partner – V-Art and available in application for iOS and on Art Catch and V-Art as webversion. PENDING FUTURES is accompanied by a public program, dedicated to various aspects of digital art, i.e. curating, marketing and education. A part of the public program will be included into cultural programming of CADAF Online | June 17-23, a Crypto and Digital Art Fair. All the recordings of the public program will be available on PENDING FUTURES exhibition page. The exhibition is curated by Daria Kravchuk, curator, art manager, museologist and art journalist.

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