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From 22 of June - end of July I will be working in Almere for a residency  

During this time the Floriade will also take place in Almere. This event is for me an invitation to reflect and question the developments that are happening there. 

Introducing the AM foundation 

The history of Almere, a 45-year-old 'drawing table city', goes back much further than its origin. Since the eighteenth century, the former Zuiderzee has been used to fish with 'botters': sailing fishing vessels with names that refer to the city of origin. The only original 'botter' in Almere's possession was originally built in 1890 in Huizen as HZ40. In 2002, after purchase by the Municipality of Almere, it was given its current name, AM1. For us, this name refers to the way Almere handles the place where it was developed, the Zuiderzee. Something completely new has been created on the resulting land, but at the same time a connection is made with what was already there. AM, the name of the foundation, therefore carries a 'borrowed' history, which symbolizes the search of a young city for its own identity on fertile soil.

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