Eva van der Zand (1989) is an artist, teacher and researcher based in Amsterdam. She is born exactly on the border. In her work she creates new situations where the confrontation with borders is essential. Borders vs. freedom. Land vs. water. Collective vs. individual. Male vs. female. Stranger vs. friend. Food vs. non-food. Audience vs participant. Chaos vs. structure. Private vs. public. Healthy vs. unhealthy. Space vs. emptiness. With the new situations she offers a new equilibrium.  

In various works my theme is about the inability to polish. Polishing that what people try to avoid. Polishing reality, and the impossibility to polish. The dissonant. I research that what “sands”. That what sands the skin, the material, the mind. In my work the whole process is essential, starting from that what is raw, becoming polished. To gain information for my work I study body movements. I interview people, have dialogues, study animals and research nature. The method of working is based on improvisation and experimentation. I’m always ready to take a work to the next step! 

My work includes 4D works. In the form of audio, performance, short films, spoken word poetry and sculptures. I work with edible and drinkable materials, metal, wood, glass. I express myself with open, communicative, poetic illustrations and I write. In that I like to analyse phenomena. Next to mixed media art, I have a main focus on glass art, especially blowing glass. “Breath is so ungraspable, but covers a lot of answers. It gives life to our voice, sound and movements.”