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How to document a moment of being together? When is it time for the collective voice and the individual voice? How do they support each other and when do they contradict each other? How to make a sound fabric with a group?  

What do we listen to when we walk? 

Hereby I share a collection of audio recordings made with various groups, often in workshop setting. The sound documents on this page were made on various locations and with different topics. Especially made to listen to when you walk, since I want to encourage an embodied way of listening. Human voices becoming landscapes. Since our world exists out of such a high percentage of visual information, as an opposite to that these sound documents activate our ears and listening. They allow you to close your eyes.  

The audio document allows people to tell their story, there is no discussion or responding in words to what is said. Just sharing. With a background in Journalism, I like to collect people's voices and stories. For me it is like a new sort of newsroom, an inclusive soundscape newsroom. 


What I often missed while listening to a story.... are the small background sounds of insects, the chorus, the tribe, the village, the community with perhaps a different story, a different voice.... Telling a story on top of a layered sound landscape makes listening a rich experience.


When a group of people come together listening can be a challenge because the voice of the group is unheard.... by inviting the group to make sounds while the other is speaking it invites a new kind of harmony and balance. Sometimes it happens that by sharing stories that some people don't resonate with the story.... by still inviting the group to make sounds they are not silenced... they can express their opinions through sound.... 

If you are in search for a performance or a workshop where a sound walk document is made, feel free to contact me. I'm experienced to work with various groups and ages.  

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