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Soil and Dirt

Soil s a combination of minerals, air, water, animals and other living matter and their wastes or decaying bodies. ... Another fundamental difference between soil and dirt is soil is alive. Dirt is dead. Because dirt is disassociated from its ecosystem, it lacks the nutrients needed to promote plant growth.

The garden.

The aesthetic gardening in Pardesiya, the place where the oranges grow in Israel, gets a counter bed. The anti aesthetic garden.

For a permaculture garden I need straw, old green leftovers and cardboard.

I go to the trash collecting centre. Here two huge machines are busy collecting the trash.

We ask if it's safe to grap some cardboard. The man in the trash collecting vehicle shouts at me.

"Why do you need it it's trash?"

The sounds of the machines is so loud that we hardly hear each other.


"YOU ARE CRAZY" He shouts back in Hebrew.


Picking the surinam cherry in an ecological garden centre.

In Israel I see a lot of fences.

I wonder how I can make them more green. One for yourself, one for the neighbour.

I ask people why they don't put anything on their fences.

In the car we drive by a camel on the olive mountain.

I am amazed by the bags the camel carries. In our house in Amsterdam we have instead of a carpet a camelback. It's looks like a carpet from first sight, but it's actually a bag. Dark brown with patterns and seems hand woven.

I wonder how it would be to design a garden for on the back of a camel.

My research starts here.

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