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Portland Cement

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

In one of ruins a paper with my favourite colours sticks out. I try to read the words and ask my Arabic speaking friend. He explains it’s an concrete bag. The bag makes sense in this context. In all the empty concrete skeletons. The villas are naked concrete, baked in the sun like unpainted pottery. Ruins of concrete, among dozens that line some 200(km) of road on the southeastern Sinai coast. Ghost places. after the revolution of 2011. are they symbols of greed, haste and the Egyptian government’s neglect of the sinai’s local Bedouin population. Many bedouin would have preferred to see sinai develop as an ecotourism hub. with ad-hoc beach camps run by local bedouin, whose families had lived in the sinai for centuries. The local bedouins and in the huts we sleep are made of palm leaves and wood. The seem to just blow away after a few years with the strong wind. Nothing wrong with the buildings that can be blown away!

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