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Crossroads of history

We move from Israel to Sinai. Sinai is not really Egypt they tell me. Sinai, is Sinai. We look at the red sea, at the other side is Saoudi-Arabia.

Identities are moving around me, unpredictable like the Sinai wind: changing every second from another corner. It is a challenge to relate myself to the people around me.

I try to keep on swimming in the red sea.

Sharon, a 30 year old Israeli man who grew up on a horse farm and is now a professional photographer, speaks about his fight for more transparency in this confusing place.

"Today we are living in one of the most important crossroads of history.

Notions of economy and civil society are rapidly changing, exponential technological development affects our lives in ways we cannot expect or understand, climate change and climate migration are real and present, old taboos are being broken in the face of social awakening to the new notions of sexuality, sacred medicine work, personal inner peace work and a broad understanding that we are all responsible for our shared future on this planet.

“Conflict Resolution, Peace Making, Bridge Building, Radical Inclusion and self expression, Facilitating Change.”

I feel that these words describe a variety of different activists around the Middle East who understand that they have the responsibility to transform the narrative from "them" to "us".

There are many grim prospects for the future of humanity, and yet there are brave voices who sing to a different tune. Some of us are fighting for the better world our hearts know is possible and we do not want to feel like a minority anymore."

Made by Sharon at the Red Sea, Sinaï

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