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Liquid Glass 

Researchers say there are 1,500 bacteria living on every square centimeter of skin on our hands. Washing our hands with extra pleasure is therefore not a luxury in corona time. That's why I made all kinds of different shapes of glass soap dispensers. The glass contains a lot of bubbles and textures, because of this the soap almost starts to look like glass. Hence the name 'liquid glass'. Glass blowing is an intense process. The glass changes from liquid to solid. By making all kinds of different shapes of soap pumps, the objects have become a family, each with its own shape, but they all help to keep our hands clean in this corona time. 

€ 55, -

Huggable Cocoons

I hereby send a small hug and a soft smile. These are my new silk huggable cocoons. I gave the silkworms a face. The silkworms were in the process of becoming moths, unfortunately this has been interrupted because their cocoons were used to make silk. The cocoons are made from recycled Indian scarves, all with their own unique print. They come in a suitable bag. Also now in Corona time we are dealing with a way of "cocooning". Here is a small gift to inspire you to look at the examples nature brings.

€ 30, -

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