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Why did your ears become like rocks? 

Card set of 14 ear prints
During the corona period many of my international friends went home, I spoke with them about the landscapes they faced again. After being in the Netherlands for a long time, they rediscovered their surroundings again. Some people in my area could not go home, this led to feelings of longing for a certain landscape. I developed 14 paintings inspired by conversations I've had with people around me and asked them how they listen to the boundaries of the landscape they were born in. Countries such as Spain, Austria, Singapore, Palestine, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Angola, America.

€ 20 (or 2 for 1 card)

Drowned Forest 

I grew up in the area where the great rivers meet, on the border between Netherlands and Germany. 13 dead oak trees of 8,600 years old have been found here. These trees have been removed from the river beds and placed upright in the landscape again with metal holders. Researchers think they were part of a forest that drowned with flooding long ago. The old oaks are monoecious trees, then there are male and female flowers on the same tree. In the corona period I have been here a lot. These trees made me realise how special it is that a tree can bear male and female flowers. There is something special about the place where the trees are and I wanted to share that further.

€ 15 (or 2 for 1 card)

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